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Collab: Oven Brothers Launch

One night, while sitting at home watching the game, a friend sent me a text with the link to Oven Brothers, and a note saying that they were great guys with a cool, new product I may be interested in. After checking out their site, and seeing that it had to do with pizza, I knew I needed to learn more and see how we could come together on a project! A meeting over beer later, the Oven Brothers/Junior And The Kid collab was born!

So what's the Oven Brothers story? It was born out of an idea to build the best outdoor pizza oven possible, from materials that can resist our Canadian winters. In August 2017, co-founders JP and Gord decided it was time to add pizza ovens to their backyards. They tried a few different prototypes, one with a modified charcoal BBQ, and another with a 55-gallon drum, and they were good, but not quite what they wanted. Enter Gilles, the third Oven Brother, and Auto-Cad genius! In the winter of 2018, the Oven Brothers built their proof of concept prototype, and with it's success, came the now reality of the ovens being manufactured, and ready for sale. And the name? The Oven Brothers may not actually be related, but they see themselves as brothers. Very simply, it's a family thing.

The Junior And The Kid pizza taking it's first trip into the Oven Brothers pizza oven!

The ovens are made of 3/16" and 1/4" carbon steel, which are sourced locally through one of their suppliers in Ottawa. And not to mention, they're pretty bad-ass looking! The ovens are made to last in the Canadian climate; with materials which can resist the fluctuating temperatures (no brick and mortar here folks!). Because the ovens are made as a kit, they can be shipped anywhere you would like to set one up, and with several pieces being easily removable, it's easy to reduce their weight to move around your yard as landscaping projects change. One thing I found really cool about the ovens, is that there is no hardware used in the assembly! The pieces all join together without any bolts, clamps or screws. You can also paint them for your own custom look, they have comfortable grip handles, and cleaning the ashes is a breeze!

How does the Oven Brothers pizza oven work? It's wood fired. It involves two chambers; one for fire, and one for cooking. The wood is put into the lower chamber and burns to heat the upper chamber where the pizza cooks. The front door serves as a damper, which helps control the heat by opening or closing it. Once the oven is at optimal temperature, 750F (can reach 900F but this is too hot to cook anything), the pizza goes in and can be cooked within a few minutes! Trust me, I've seen it with my own eyes.

And if you're thinking to yourself right now that it would be great if you could cook something other than pizza in the Oven Brothers ovens, you're in luck, because you sure can! The way the oven works, it allows for all kinds of foods to be cooked, as in an oven, but the Oven Brothers recommend staying away from greasy foods as they may damage the firebricks. Imagine chocolate chip cookies made in a pizza oven... I may have to talk to the Brothers about trying that for a future post!

The Oven Brothers are aware of their environmental footprint and do their part to help. The containers used to ship the ovens are a wood crate. They promote up-cycling and encourage customers to use the crate for other uses. The Brothers recommend storage, somewhere to keep your kindling, or even turn it into a table! The Oven Brothers are also big believers in giving back. In June they are partnering with to serve pizza to all of the golfers at the BD Battalion Golf Tournament. BD Battalion is a charity that raises funds for the ALS Society of Canada, D.I.F.D., and the Ottawa Police Benevolent Fund.

Now that you have a bit of background on Oven Brothers, and their amazing wood burning pizza ovens, I'd like to share with you how launch/collab day went. The event was hosted at Kichesippi Brewery, in Ottawa, where people were invited to come drink some delicious local craft beer, check out the great Oven Brothers merchandise and accessories, and see the ovens on display, as well as in operation, making great pizza for everyone to enjoy!

The Brothers had asked me if I wanted to make a special Junior And The Kid pizza for the event, and I jumped at the offer! The question was, what to put on it. I decided to use my Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce as a base, and topped it with ripped BBQ beef ribs (you can find my recipe here), caramelized onions, pears and finished with arugula. Put those toppings on the Oven Brothers amazing fresh pizza dough, slide it in the oven, and a couple minutes later we had a pizza everyone in attendance enjoyed!

While this day was all about the Oven Brothers and the launch of their amazing pizza ovens, they were gracious enough to let me also launch my Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce! Dressed with their new labels, they were all scooped up by the guests at the event! I'd like to thank everyone who bought a jar for your support!

The event was a huge success. Tons of people came out to support the Oven Brothers as they launched their amazing wood fire pizza ovens. A great quality product, made in Canada. But what's even more, is that the Oven Brothers, JP, Gord and Gilles, are some of the nicest people you'll meet, and so are their friends and family. The Brothers are passionate about their ovens, and will gladly take the time to chat with you and answer any questions you have, or show them off and make you one of the best pizzas you've had in your life!

I want to thank the Oven Brothers for inviting me to their product launch, and I wish them huge success. You can get yourself one of their amazing ovens by visiting their website and also check out their unique accessories and merchandise. Be sure to also follow their social media pages to see where they'll be setting up next and go support this local business as you Join The Pizza Revolution! And stay tuned for some great promotions from Oven Brothers and Junior And The Kid!

- The Kid

*The Oven Brothers are working hard to get their ovens in brick and mortar stores. If you are interested in carrying their oven kits, contact for more info.

*Special Thanks also goes out to Wanda Keenan of Keenan Sports Photography who took some incredible pictures for the event!



Oven Brothers Pizza Dough

Beef Ribs

Junior And The Kid Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Sweet Onions

Bartlett Pears

Fresh Arugula

Mozzarella Cheese


1. Follow my recipe for Amazing BBQ Beef Ribs here

2. Peel onions, cut in half, then slice into medium sized pieces.

3. Add onions, olive oil, salt, pepper, and butter to a pan and cook on medium heat until they have softened and are slightly brown in colour.

4. Slice bartlett pears into thin wedges

5. Stretch pizza dough into a circle and place on pizza slip dusted with cornmeal

6. Spread Junior And The Kid Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce over the dough (leave some room on the edges as the sugars in the sauce will burn if too close)

7. Add a thin layer of shredded mozzarella cheese

8. Top with onions, beef rib pieces, and pears and slide into the Oven Brothers pizza oven!

9. Rotate halfway through. When the pizza is cooked, remove from the oven and top with arugula.

10. Slice, serve and enjoy!

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