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Feature: Broadhead Brewing Company

From an origin brewing basement beer, to skyrocketing to one of Ottawa's most popular beers in the local craft beer scene, Broadhead is making some delicious, easy drinking beer for everyone to enjoy! I had the pleasure of visiting the brewery and chatting with Head Sales Guy, John Buist.

Broadhead beer started as a few friends, hanging out and trying to figure out how to make some beer that actually tasted good for them and their friends to enjoy! The more they tried, the more they learnt, and the better the beer got, and the jokes of opening a craft brewery became more and more serious. The friends put everything they had together and opened the brewery, which is now a full fledged craft micro-brewery, where you can even see the original equipment that was used for the original brews. Broadhead uses top quality hops and ingredients in their beer to ensure every beer is brewed to the highest of quality, even with their ramped up quantity!

Broadhead stands behind the do-it-yourself ideology. When it comes to the brewery itself, the cooler was built by the owners, they put up walls, built the speakers, the merch display, and most anything else you see at the brewery. If they can find a way to make it with their hands, they will. As for the beer, you can taste that there is passion and hard work that goes into every beer they brew. They had adopted the mantra "Cheers To The Underdog", which came in part because Broadhead was only the 4th craft brewery that opened in the Ottawa area, which is now growing with tons of amazing new breweries! Being one of the leaders and successful breweries, and not so much of an underdog, they are now starting to shift to a new mantra of "Work Hard, Drink Easy", which is one I can get behind for sure.

Broadhead, being a local brewery, use as many local suppliers as they can, based on availability and the seasons. They also support local businesses as much as they can and are very active members of the community, taking part in supporting charities and initiatives to help those in need.

When it comes to the beer flavours, Broadhead has their "staples" or core brands which include Underdog Pale, Dark Horse Stout, Grind Stone Amber, Long Shot White, and Back Bone Standard. They have since introduced Falcon vs Fox Session Ale, Nuts & Bolts Southern Pecan Brown Ale, Hammer and Tongs ESB, Silver Fox Ale, Tight Squeeze Tangerine IPA, and the very popular Blueprint, which is a Blueberry Blonde, and the brewery's best seller! Want to know what they taste like? Make your way down to the brewery and take a tour and enjoy some samples!

There are some big things in the works for Broadhead beer in the near future. They will be opening a new brewery in the East end of Ottawa which will include a tasting room, events, live music, and much more! You can also find them at many of the upcoming beer festivals in the area, and across Ontario! Broadhead beer is also available at LCBO stores across Ontario, and at several bars.

Be sure to go visit Broadhead at 81 Auriga Drive, in Ottawa, or at any of the beer festivals near you. Follow Broadhead on all of the social media platforms to keep up with where they are, and what kind of new great things they're doing with beer. And if you're wanting to upgrade your local watering hole with some Broadhead, be sure to contact them and let them know there's a bar that needs them!

A huge thank you to John and the rest of the Broadhead family for hosting me and taking the time to show me around the brewery and what makes Broadhead great. While the taste of the beer is great, the people and their passion are what really shine through in the quality of their final product.

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