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Can you think back to when you were 19 years old? For some of us, that was a good while ago, but for a lot of us, we were hanging out with friends, trying to figure out what we wanted to do with our upcoming “grown up responsibilities”, maybe getting a little wobbly on a weeknight. Meet James Rankin, the 19 year-old entrepreneur who is the mastermind behind North Brew Coffee, and is trying to do his part to make a bit of a difference in his community.

James is an Ottawa native, who grew up playing baseball, and took business marketing in school. He always had a mind for business, and finding ways to make money. From starting a lawn care company, to e-commerce websites, he knew that he wanted to create a brand that would allow him to work from home, be his own boss and actually enjoy the grind.

While sitting in his college dorm room, James tried to think of what product would allow him to achieve his goal. The idea was literally in a mug, in his hand…. Coffee! But what would he do with coffee? He knew he liked to drink it… a lot of it… but how to turn it into a business. There are tons of coffee roasters, even right here in Ottawa. James figured he would give it a try, put his own spin on it, and embarked on his coffee journey, now known as North Brew Coffee.

The coffees offered by North Brew are all Fair Trade and Organic, which means that the workers who are harvesting the beans are being paid and treated fairly, and there are no chemicals or additives in the coffee beans, or any GMO. It’s just fresh… delicious… coffee!

So what makes North Brew Coffee unique and different? Well for starters, they roast their beans to order, in their local Ottawa roastery. This ensures you are getting the absolute freshest coffee to enjoy at home, every time. Part of James’ vision for North Brew Coffee was also to give back to his hometown community. North Brew Coffee truly lives up to it’s slogan of “Coffee Driving Change”, by donating a portion of sales of each bag of coffee to homelessness in Ottawa, helping shelters such as the Ottawa Mission, and other local charities.

North Brew Coffee is available in several different roasts, from their Mountain Mist Light Roast, High Point Medium Roast, to the Twin Peaks Dark Roast. They also have a Double Diamond Decaf, and an Elevation Espresso which makes amazing Americano’s!

You can find North Brew Coffee at their website (, as well as reaching out on social media, or on shelves at Terra 20 in Ottawa. They will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary in the coming months and are getting excited to have you celebrate with them, and anticipate there to be a charity element to the event!

I’d like to thank James for taking the time to share the North Brew Coffee story with me and for driving change in the Ottawa community. You are truly a remarkable young entrepreneur and I can only imagine where North Brew Coffee will be in the future!

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