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Roasted Veggie and Egg Breakfast

Ah breakfast. That meal that has been dubbed the most important meal of the day. But if it is, then shouldn't it be something good? Not just in flavor, but also good for you. As absolutely delicious as pancakes or a cinnamon bun are, we don't gain any nutritional value from them (Don't get me wrong though, there will absolutely be a post about pancakes on this blog one day, but for today, let's keep it healthy). I recently worked with a nutritionist who really opened my eyes to the benefits of a life balance between healthy eating and still enjoying life. Just because you are eating healthy foods, doesn't mean they have to taste like what your pet rabbit is eating. Understanding what we are putting into our bodies and the science behind how our bodies react to certain foods, really was an eye opener for me (but that's a post for another day).

When it comes to that first meal of the day, I find that when I eat something nourishing, such as this breakfast, I feel much more satisfied, and energized to workout and go about my morning. Some healthy fats, such as the avocado, help me stay full and not reach for those "bad snacks" during the day, and the flavor combinations of this dish give it a sort of spanish flare, which i love.

For this breakfast, let your imagination run wild when it comes to the veggies used. I used a mix of sweet potato, green peppers, zucchini and red onion, tossed with some olive oil, smoked sea salt and pepper and roasted them in the oven. Some roasted broccoli or cauliflower is always a tasty option too, as are carrots. I used fried eggs, but poached would also work great here, and topped it with some fresh cilantro, avocado and a chipotle salsa that I have fell in love with from my local grocery store. I had this meal post workout (which is why I went for the 3 eggs to keep the hangry monster happy), and it left me feeling refueled as well as satisfied, and has become a regular staple in my weekly routine.

A fresh alternative to the chipotle salsa would be to make a fresh pico de gallo which is simply diced tomato, red onion, chilis (could use jalapeno if you like it spicy or cubanelle for a more sweet/mild spice), cilantro, salt and lime juice. Mix it all together and let it sit for an hour or so to really absorb all the flavor.

You can find the recipe below for this delicious breakfast, and don't be afraid to put your own spin on it. Happy healthy eating everyone!


1/2 large sweet potato

1/2 zucchini

1/4 sweet green pepper

1/3 cup red onion

2-3 large eggs

1 avocado

fresh cilantro (to taste)

3 tbsp chipotle salsa (or pico de gallo)

smoked sea salt (to taste)

fresh cracked black pepper (to taste)


1. Pre-heat oven to 400F

2. Cut sweet potato into 1-inch cubes. Cut rest of vegetables into bite size pieces as well.

3. Place on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and toss to coat evenly.

4. Place in oven and bake for 25 minutes, or until sweet potato is tender. Turn vegetables halfway through cooking. Turn the oven off and let them sit when finished cooking to keep warm.

5. When the vegetables are done, fry 2-3 eggs to desired doneness (i like them to have a runny yolk), and season with salt and pepper.

6. Plate your vegetables as a base, then top with the eggs.

7. Finish with salsa, diced avocado, and cilantro

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