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Super Bowl Hangover Cure Omelette

Being a huge football fan, I always enjoy hosting Super Bowl at my house with friends and family, and sharing some great food! I always go all out with the Super Bowl food, usually making a pulled meat of some sort, nacho dip, and my bacon mac and cheese.

This year's Super Bowl was very entertaining (congrats Eagles!) and the party was great... maybe a little too great i realized when I woke up feeling rough. If you're like me, you feed your hangover and drown it with water. Looking in the fridge, I saw that I had some mac and cheese leftover (which is never a bad thing!), and thought to myself 'How can I involve this in my breakfast'. A great breakfast vessel for leftovers, is always an omelette! You may think the same as I did at the time... 'mac and cheese in an omelette?'.... sure, why not!. The result... cheesy, carb-filled deliciousness!

I was hungry, and went with 3 eggs for this omelette and added salt and pepper, garlic and dried thyme with a bit of cream. After the flip, I added the mac and cheese, and a couple slices of Havarti cheese. When it was finished cooking, I plated it with some crumbled bacon and green onions (counts as having a vegetable right...).

This definitely helped cure what was ailing me.

The next time you find yourself staring into the fridge the morning after a 'good night', reach for the eggs, whatever delicious food you have leftover from the night before, and throw them together. I'm sure your result will also be satisfying! I've included the recipe below in case you feel like making something similar.


3 eggs



dried thyme

garlic powder

Dash of cream

2 slices Havarti cheese (or any other kind of cheese to top the leftovers with. Helps keep it together)

Leftover Bacon Mac and Cheese (or whatever leftover you're using)

2 slices bacon (crumbled)

3 green onions


1. In a bowl, mix 3 eggs, salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and cream until combined.

2. Preheat a large frying pan over medium heat. Once pan is hot, add butter and move it all around the pan as it melts.

3. Add the eggs to the middle of the pan and gently move the eggs around to ensure they cover the bottom of the pan. Let them cook for about 2 minutes.

4. Shake the pan to ensure the eggs are not sticking, and if they are loose, flip them over.

5. Add your leftovers and cheese and fold eggs over to cover the stuffing, and cook for about 3 minutes

6. Remove from heat, and plate. Top with bacon crumble and green onions

7. Enjoy with a delicious coffee and glass of water!

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